The Gummies Co. Brand prides itself on providing the highest quality standard of essential vitamins and minerals to help boost immune support, improve optimum health and energy, and support weight-loss.  Taking healthy to a whole new flavor, The Gummies Co. brand offers a delicious variety of all natural, flavor-filled gummies that make it easy for all walks of life to enjoy the healthy lifestyle they deserve.




In todays fast paced society maintaining a healthy life style is challenging. Having a strong immune system is vital in meeting that challenge. Nutrition has taken a back seat to the convenience of fast foods and processed meals with high preservatives. In order to combat the pitfalls of poor eating habits we’ve developed a deliciously convenient way to take healthy to a whole new flavor.


The Gummies Co Brand was developed to help offer a healthy and convenient alternative to taking daily micro-nutrients. Our goal is to produce a complete line of nutritional products with all natural ingredients that are both effective and seriously delicious.

The Gummies Co. offers an incredibly unique category of all natural gummy vitamins, using only the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control. Made in a IQC, cGMP* & FDA regulated facility, our all natural gummies line is certified Non GMO, free of artificial colors & sweeteners, gluten free, gelatin free and citrus pectin based.

 *cGMP- Refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices: regulations enforced by the  US Food and Drug Administration-FDA. cGMP certification helps assure proper formulations, development, quality control and manufacturing control packaging and processing and its facilities.


Pectin is mainly extracted from citrus fruits, and is used in food as a gelling agent, particularly in jams and jellies and serves as a good source of dietary fiber. The Gummies Co uses plant-based, citrus pectin as an alternative to gelatin. Gelatin is currently the most widely used gelling agent in gummy candies and is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animal bi-products. Using citrus pectin ensures that our products are Halal, Kosher & Vegan approved.



Our citrus pectin based gummies have been ranked #1 in taste and purity. It is certified Globaly and recognized for International regulatory & quality standards. The Gummies Co. supplies complete and safe dosages to support the body’s natural immune system. We source and use only A+ Rated Raw Material and ingredients in all of our formulas.

In an effort to provide the best quality products our sourced raw materials and finished products, comply with all label claims and FDA requirements.

Our manufacturing facility is complete with the following in-house nutrient Identity testing machinery:

– HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

– UV Spectroscopy

– FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)

– Stability Chamber and a Dissolution tester for purity and freshness.

Our products are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).


Healthy for Everyone
We adhere to the highest standards. Our products are Kosher & Halal approved.

Natural Ingredients
Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly & made with All Natural Ingredients.